Make A No-Sew Soft Sided Play House

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So you want to make a soft sided play house for your little one, but you're not the best when it comes to sewing. Don't worry, there's a 12 step program for that, but in the mean time check out this great no-sew playhouse made from felt that simply ties together at the seams!

Cheryl over at Sew Can You is lending a hand over at Dollar Store Crafts today and her project is one that any level of crafter can take on. She's made felt play houses in the past, but knowing all too well the large amount of time it takes to make a more traditional felt play house, she set out to create a no-sew version!

Instead of taking the time to sew up all the seams, she's created repeating cut marks down the edges of each piece of felt. Instead of putting a needle and thread to them, she just ties the pieces together! The rest of her time was then free to cut out fun little flowers, a mailbox, shutters and more.

Check out the full details over at Dollar Store Crafts!

Four-Sided Felt Play House
4-Sided Felt Play House Slipcover
From Kura Loft Bed to Playhouse

(Images: Sew Can You for Dollar Store Crafts)

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