Make a Play Library Kit

Make a Play Library Kit

Richard Popovic
Sep 6, 2012

<2012playlibrary.jpgAh, libraries. Good ones can seem magical to kids, with everything they want there in one place. And if good libraries are magical, that makes good librarians magicians, introducing kids to different worlds and incredible characters. While we encourage daily patronage of your local library, we know that it is tough to get the kids there as often as you may like. Check out this project that not only brings the library home, but lets children be the all-powerful and knowing librarian.

This DIY 'play library' kit from Make the Best of Everything is a throwback to a simpler time, when things were checked out by filling out cards which were then anointed by the mighty date stamp. To that end, you may have to teach your kids how it used to be done before extensive computerization, but that will no doubt be half of the fun. All of the old school parts are accounted for--sign-out cards, little manilla pockets for them to slide into, library cards and the mighty date stamp, which will no doubt be the star of the show.

For extra points you can store it all in a box decorated to look like a book. All in all this is an easy project that has the big payback of getting kids a little more excited about books and reading.

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(Images: Make the Best of Everything. Via: One Pretty Thing)

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