Lindsay's Rocking Drum Light Fixture

Lindsay's Rocking Drum Light Fixture

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 23, 2011

Drum shades, drum pendants, those are familiar phrases in the world of lighting right? Right. What if you took that literally? Lindsay did and the results are pretty rockin' (bah dum ching).

Lindsay is always full of awesome projects and when we popped in last she had created this pendant light from a used Tom drum. Although many projects like this end up looks like "a drum on the ceiling" this one has a certain panache that makes it feel less crafty and more design worthy.

The key was an inside support that not only holds the electrical cord and bulb, but supports the outside of the drum as well. Hit up Living With Lindsay for the full tutorial and start watching Craigslist for old drums, especially those with busted heads to make the project all the more economical.

Images: Living With Lindsay

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