(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Sensory play for young kids is a hot topic, and rightly so, since they learn so much about their environment through the sense of touch. Sand tables and water tables get a lot of attention, but here is an alternative that may strike your fancy as well--a rice table. As a bonus, you can build it yourself in no time and for little money.

A traditional side dish takes center stage in this project. Courtney from A Life Sustained created this simple yet perfect rice table when her son outgrew playing with a bowl of rice on the kitchen floor. She used mostly found and upcycled items, with the greatest expense being the large bag of rice needed to fill it.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The fact that she used a container with a cover is extra smart, since it can serve double duty as a little craft table and it keeps bugs and debris from getting inside. While a project like this may be dependent on factors such as your tolerance for some mess and your child's inclination to eat dry rice, we think it could be a neat addition to many a playspace.

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(Images: A Life Sustained. Via: Crafty Crow)