Make a Spelling Game

Make a Spelling Game

Beth Callaghan
Sep 11, 2012

How's it going, there, back in school? Everything proceeding smoothly? Whether it is or not, making this attractive and educational game that encourages early reading skills and spelling might make everything a little bit better.

OK, maybe it won't make everything better, but it certainly is a clever idea beautifully executed. Kate at Kate's Creative Space wanted to use up some extra craft supplies, but what she came up with certainly belies its humble origins.

A manipulative game with bright colors and fun things to pinch and clip, this project surreptitiously familiarizes your child with common words in a tactile way that you can't achieve with simple reading. And it might provide some quality hours of entertainment.

See the whole tutorial at Kate's Creative Space.

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(Image: Kate at Kate's Creative Space)

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