Make Things Pop with Powder Coating

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It's no secret that there's no faster (and inexpensive) way to make an area of your home look cohesive than by grouping by color. These homeowners decided to bring new life to their old ironing board by making a shelving system in their dining room!

After taking their old ironing board to a local powder coater to have a little "day at the spa" it returned to their home fire engine red and sporting "a whole lotta look" (as Tim Gunn would say). It's made complete with a few red books to really make the wall come alive.

The powder coating ran just over $100 and although it might seem like a high price to pay, it's a great way to ensure your books won't stick to their new finish (like they sometimes do with spray paint). It might not be for every home, but it serves as a great reminder that sometimes more is more when it comes to color and it pays off to take a risk or two! You can see more from Flickr member ninahale.

Image: Flickr member ninahale licensed for use by Creative Commons

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