Make a Travel Lap Tray for Kids

Make a Travel Lap Tray for Kids

Richard Popovic
Aug 23, 2012

It is tough to admit that summer is winding down, but the school calendar does not lie. Some of us, however, are clinging to summer tooth and nail and still have a road trip or two left in us. If your travels include a kid in the backseat, and you are handy with the needle and thread, here is a project you may want to tackle before the rubber hits the road.

Jacinda at Prudent Baby may have created the perfect travel companion for little backseat passengers. Her Travel Lap Tray has it all--a flat magnetic surface for crafts and snacks, pockets to hold books and supplies, and even a pillow built in for naps. Plus, it folds up into a slick shoulder bag that kids can easily carry themselves.

This project requires what appears to be some significant sewing machine skills, at least to this untrained eye. But I know a clear and well-written tutorial when I see one, and Jacinda has that part covered hands down.

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(Images: Prudent Baby)

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