We've been seeing wood items pop up in the world of retail and design for years now, but attempting a project on your own can seem a bit daunting—especially when it involves cutting so many little pieces. But this tutorial will show you how easy it really can be. Cover a whole wall, a table top or just stick with something small—the process is still the same!

The Storque (Etsy's Blog) posted their How-To Tuesday post yesterday and they took readers through the steps of making their own wooden wall hanging. The whole project starts from a found limb or branch and ends up in a big wall statement.

We love the idea and would like to see it twisted into your own creation. Maybe you'll cover a lamp or picture frame, how about gluing some down on a bench or bath mat. If you'd like a perfectly level surface, make sure to cut your pieces to equal sizes!

Watch the video and check out the tutorial over at Etsy

(Image: Etsy)