Make Cleaning Easier: Try This Cleaning Supplies Trick Today

Make Cleaning Easier: Try This Cleaning Supplies Trick Today

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 2, 2014
(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

This secret cleaning tip was actually mentioned in a comment on our Facebook page last week, but it's also a secret I've been subscribing to for awhile, as well! It's not for everyone, and some might argue it's overkill. But, if you struggle with sticking to a cleaning schedule, this trick might be for you.

Last week we posted about the 7 ways you might be making it harder to keep your house clean. The very first suggestion hinted it may be because you aren't cleaning as you go. But what's the secret to making cleaning as you go easier?

Put the cleaning supplies needed for each each room. Place under the counter in your bathroom a little caddy of quick-cleaning supplies for the bathroom — wipes for the counter, spray for the shower. That way when you use the bathroom every day, you can give a quick swipe when finished. Nothing too complicated — but enough to keep the room from getting mega messy.

And then do the same for each room. And not just the high-traffic places, but places like your bedroom, too. I keep a bottle of wipes in my room so I can keep the dust at bay and a mini bottle of freshener to spray textiles to keep them smelling fresh. In the office, the same idea. Obviously you can't (and shouldn't) go out and buy a vacuum cleaner for every room, but maybe if you have two levels you keep a hand-vac upstairs for quick spills. Or you put a few hand brooms in rooms for spot sweeping throughout the week.

The idea is to eliminate what might be in the way of keeping your house clean. And when folks have a ton on their plates, are low on time or are just plain lazy (me), having the right cleaning supplies within inches of the surfaces that need to be cleaned might be the motivation you need.

What are your tips for making cleaning-as-you go easier? Share in the comments below!

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