Make Colored & Scented Glue
With Kool-Aid

Make Colored & Scented Glue
With Kool-Aid

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 10, 2012
Over at Momma's Fun World, Catherine Collins is always looking for a new way to entertain her kids. Variety is the spice of life, but that doesn't mean you have to pay a fortune for it either. Check out her simple tip for turning a bottle of school glue into something magical with the help of a common drink mix.

School glue is cheap and with the addition of a package of Kool-Aid is transformed into something ridiculously fun. Using glue as art isn't new, but buying colored glues in tiny packages can be pricey. Just mix up this concoction and you'll have a sweet smelling, colored glue ready for all sorts of rainy day art projects at home.

Try using glue on plastic wrap and peeling your creations off after drying and sticking them to glass windows and doors for an added pop of cool kid decor.

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(Images: Momma's Fun World)

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