Make Darling DIY Dominoes

Make Darling DIY Dominoes

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 8, 2011
In the past we've talked about a few of our favorite domino sets. Although we love bright colors and shiny packaging ideas, these handmade versions are extra sweet and would make a great gift or be a fun afternoon project!

Over at A Beautiful Mess, Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst featured this super fun diy domino project. The idea is simple: cut, sand, and paint small blocks of wood. That's all there is to it. If you're looking to keep things sealed to prevent stains you could always finish things off with a coat of linseed oil to give it an all natural finish.

Check out all the details over at A Beautiful Mess as there's even a chart to make sure you create all the dominoes needed for proper play. We think the idea is perfect for an afternoon spent trapped inside away from the heat or even a small project to create for a baby shower or birthday party. Ok, so maybe we just want to make a set for ourselves and we're perfectly ok with that!

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(Image: A Beautiful Mess)

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