Make it Bolder! 5 DIY Details to Add to Something You Already Have

Sometimes you don't need to buy something or even make a whole new thing — you just need to revamp and refresh something you already have! These five design details could be used on a number of different objects — some you might already own.

Pictured above: Make a plant bolder! Add a DIY brass Himmeli planter and hang it for some fun design details hanging from your ceiling. Spotted on Nalle's House.

Make some fabric bolder! Indigo dye continues to be a beautiful trend to add to a home, and you could reinvigorate a ton of items in your home with this method, including tea towels, pillow cases, blankets and more. Spotted on francois & moi.

Make a dining set bolder! If you're staring at the same dining table and chairs that you see everyday, this DIY tutorial for how to make faux sheepskin chair wraps might be just the thing to shake up the look of your space and add some softness. As seen on A Beautiful Mess.

Make a tray bolder! Or really, any accessory that you don't mind revamping. But adding some gold (or your favorite metallic sheen) is a great way to add variety and interest to your space. Spotted on francois & moi.

Make a rug bolder! If you've got a plain, beige or boring rug, you could totally add a DIY pattern to it and give a whole new life to a floor covering in your home. This cool DIY pattern spotted on Upcycled Treasures.

(Image credits: Nalle's House; francois & moi; A Beautiful Mess ; francois & moi; Upcycled Treasures)