Make It: DIY Cloud Night Light

Make It: DIY Cloud Night Light

Beth Callaghan
Jun 18, 2014
(Image credit: Anu @ Nalle's House)

I know we've seen the cloud night light concept before. But what I love about the design of this simple night light concept is that it's minimal, easy to make, and it doesn't even have to be a cloud.

In fact, whatever you can mold out of wire can become a soft light. A star, a heart, a letter or, if you're ambitious, your child's entire name in script. Anu at Nalle's House came up with this DIY using only two things: stiff wire and a string of micro dot LED lights, a slightly more subtle take on the ubiquitous twinkle lights.

These particular lights don't need an outlet, either; they are powered with a small, battery-operated control box, so it's easy to keep the wires and lights out of kids' reach by setting the box on a shelf. (Anu notes that this is her plan, but for the sake of the photo, she let the cord hang down.)

What shape would you choose, and where would you hang this amazing DIY?

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