Make It: Homemade Instruments To Beat the Band

No more air guitar! These crafty projects will have your kids making music in no time. They range from ridiculously easy to a little more involved. Each are fun to make from start to finish, and will entertain for hours.

1. Drums from A Beautiful Mess
2. Handheld Bells from Mini Eco
3. Cardboard Guitar from Make Do
4. Mailing Tube Rain Sticks from Spoonful
5. Handmade Guitar from Read and Draw Magazine
6. Button Castanets from Whimsy Love
7. Paint Can Drum Kit from 101 Woonideeen
8. Colorful Xylophone from Delightful Learning
9. Palm Pipes from Deceptively Educational
10. Pot Bell from Developmental Community Music

(Images: as linked above)

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