Make It Organized: DIY Magazine Racks & Storage Project Ideas

Many of us not only collect ideas, but we also collect the magazines they come in. But having random stacks of magazines in every corner of the house is not always conducive to tidy living or to making the most of the magazines in question. Here are 10 creative, DIY-able magazine racks that will help you keep your favorites handy.

Top Row:
1. IKEA Grundtal + Ribba Magazine Rack from Stil Inspiration
2. Tennis Racket "Magazine Racket" from Salvaged Spaces
3. Bicycle Inner Tubes + Yarn Tote Magazine Rack from Recyclart via Curbly
4. Shutter Magazine Holder from My Repurposed Life
5. Porch Trim Magazine File from This Old House

Bottom Row:
1. "M" is for "Magazine" Holder from Living Well Spending Less
2. IKEA Rack + Belts Magazine Shelf from Brigg
3. Wooden Hanger Magazine Rack from Nähmarie
4. Bathroom Magazine Rack from Four Generations One Roof
5. Wooden Crate Magazine Rack from ManMade DIY

(Image credits: Stil Inspiration; Salvaged Spaces; Recyclart; My Repurposed Life; This Old House; Living Well Spending Less; Brigg; Nähmarie; Four Generations One Roof; ManMade DIY)