Make it Unique: 3 Ways to Customize an iPad Smart Cover

Whether you want to change the color, add a little personalization, or just jazz it up a bit, there's a way for you to customize your iPad's Apple-stock Smart Cover. Some of these projects can be done at home (with just coffee!), while others involve a small investment (and shipping away your Smart Cover for a while). But one thing's for sure: Nobody else will have a case like yours!
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Dye It 1. Start with a light-colored leather Smart Cover. 2. Brush over it with either a shot of espresso or a treatment of leather oil to darken the color. (There's a tutorial for the coffee-stained Smart Cover at Two Lives Left.) 3. Enjoy!
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Laser Engrave It
1. Start with any Smart Cover.
2. Mail it in to a laser engraving company like MakeItUrz or In a Flash Laser (both will engrave your Smart Cover for $30-$40).
3. Choose any design, like text, icons or even images, to engrave.
4. Enjoy!

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Emboss It
1. Start with a leather Smart Cover.
2. Buy a leather stamping kit, and follow the included instructions to emboss a design (like a monogram or small icon) onto your Smart Cover.
3. Enjoy!

Alternatively, you can buy this vintage-look embossed leather cover from Etsy seller punkassjim:

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(Images: Two Lives Left, user Section215 via MacRumors, MakeItUrz, In A Flash Laser via Flickr, Etsy seller punkassjim)

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