Make It Yours: 5 Ways to Customize Your IKEA Sofa

Make It Yours: 5 Ways to Customize Your IKEA Sofa

Carrie McBride
Apr 23, 2015
(Image credit: The Doodle House)

Is your IKEA sofa feeling generic or you're longing for a new one but don't really need one? There's no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater when you can make a tweak or two to change up the look and customize your sofa to your tastes. Here are five ideas you can try to revamp and refresh yours...

1. Upgrade the Legs

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(Image credit: Paper Crowns)

IKEA sofa legs are typically blocky and plain so changing the legs is one of the easiest ways to change the look. Above is the Karlstad sofa with new mid-century style tapered legs.

(Image credit: Going Home to Roost)

Here's a very similar leg on a Karlstad painted mint green with spray-painted gold tips.

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(Image credit: By Jo With Love)

This blogger talked herself out of ditching her Karlstad sofa for the new Stocksund sofa by just purchasing the Stocksund legs and putting them on her Karlstad - smart!

2. Tuft the Cushions

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(Image credit: The Doodle House)

This Karlstad got the royal treatment with both new legs (pictured at top) and tufted cushions to achieve the mid-century look they were going for. These homeowners had a professional upholsterer do the tufting, but it's a project you could tackle on your own, like the sofa below...

This tufting is all DIY by the owner and she even walks you through doing it in a video to give you confidence to try it yourself. (Note that once you've tufted, the covers aren't removable for washing.)