Tetris-Style Multipurpose Furniture

Tetris-Style Multipurpose Furniture

Amber Bouman
Mar 30, 2012

Some people are straightforward in their decorating plans: they need a couch, they buy a couch, it goes in the corner, you sit on it when you come over to watch the new episode of Mad Men. Others, well, others prefer a bit more function with their form, a bit more style in their substance, a bit more fun in their furniture.

Those people, and anyone who is low on space, will want to check out some of the incredibly versatile modular furniture designs that help to craft a multipurpose area that can be constantly reconfigured as needed.

The TAT-Tris modular seating design was created by Gaen Koh, a Singapore-based industrial designer who was inspired by, yes, Tetris, but also by children who are unable to sit still. The interactive puzzle shapes are made to be shifted around, contorted into different types of seating and played with. Koh actively studied the movement of children to develop the piece, and intends for the TAT-Tris to help develop creative thinking, reasoning, teamwork and communication in children.

The Multiplo modular object designed by HeyTeam appears to be in much the same vein as the TAT-Tris; both are brightly colored cubes that can be configured to fit the user's purpose. But while the TAT-Tris are cubes that interlock to create shapes, the Multiplo unfolds itself to become a king- or queen-sized bed, table, living room set, or one-seater couch in a just a few moves. The HeyTeam was motivated to create an object that was not only stylish, but also highly functional - especially for people living in smaller spaces.

Grado, by Nintek Design, is a bit of a hybrid. Sporting both purple upholstered step cushions and smooth wood levels, Grado is a seating arrangement at heart. However, the unit can be reconfigured a number of different ways, expanding into a full couch with table-top armrests and nooks to hold items such as books, or contracting into a tight center piece for the room. Nintek Design says the main goal of Grado is to provide a relaxed atmosphere, allowing users to be surrounded by helpful surfaces and comfortable seating so that everything you need is within arm's reach.

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