Make Mom a Paper Bird Mobile for Mother's Day

Make Mom a Paper Bird Mobile for Mother's Day

Carrie McBride
May 3, 2011

Dudes crafting together just warms our hearts and Etsy has put together a sweet video of one of our favorite dads, Joel Henriques, demonstrating how to make a simple and charming bird mobile. This is a perfect idea for Mother's Day - send mom out to the movies with a friend and hunker down with the kids for some arts and crafts!

Joel, as you know, blogs at the aptly named Made by Joel and has a talent for turning simple items into artful creations. He's a perfect match for Etsy's How Tuesday series and in this video he demonstrates how to make a charming bird mobile with branches, paper, thread and a few other materials you almost surely have at home already. There's even a template for the artistically challenged in the crowd. Use any kind of paper you want - colored or patterned or let your kids decorate the paper with paint, crayons or markers.

Find this project and video here. Enjoy!

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