Style Your Door: Make Over Your Door In One Fell Swoop

Last year we featured a line of garage door decals that caused quite a stir. The same company is back with an interior door line and although many are straight up out of the question, there's a few that in the right space — could be rather fun. Ready to tell us which is your favorite?

Now although some of the ones we've included below are rather silly, we tried our best to stay away from things with animals (like these kittens in a yarn closet), or enlarged images of their fur or skin. No one needs a door covered in leopard, no matter how hard you try to convince us. Each graphic will run you around $95 US dollars from Style Your Door. What do you think? Super silly, or kinda fun?

First Row, Left To Right
Wooden Type
Gumball Machine

Second Row, Left To Right
Kitchen Door
Golden Elevator

(Image: Style Your Door)

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