Make Padded Stumps For Softer Seats


The idea of using stumps as stools is oddly appealing until you have to spend any amount of time actually sitting on said stump. This simple fix is a great way to give your guests some comfort, and this can be done lickety-split.

Funkytime took a few stumps, topped them with batting and fabric, and stapled them right onto the sides of the stumps to make them feel a little more welcoming and sit-worthy. This is a good project for putting to use those old pillows you have tucked away. (You know, those super flat ones that no one wants to sleep with anymore, but you don't have the heart to throw away. Yup, those.)

You can also use an eco-friendly fill or use something crazy like beans or lentils to make things smooshy. Check out all the details over at Funkytime. They're pretty, picturesque and now practical!

(Image: Funkytime)

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