Make Rustic Hanging Solar Lights

IKEA Hackers

Although solar lighting is awesome, it can be a bit too modern or sleek for some homes. Additionally, you might not always have walkways to utilize those ground stakes that are oh so cheap at big box and dollar stores. This solar light idea has you disassembling and making something new, with a more rustic feel.

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Believe it or not, solar stake lights are relatively easy to dismantle. That's the case here as you remove the actual stake and cut a hole in the bottom of a small pail. Attach the two and string it up and you have a solar light for a few dollars that can hang anywhere.

It doesn't matter if you have a balcony, porch, or sailboat, this little light is a great way to enjoy the night without burning up your electricity or attracting too much attention from the bugs. Check out the full tutorial for this project over at IKEA Hackers.

(Image: IKEA Hackers)

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