Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint Mess Free

Infarrantly Creative

Awhile back we posted a fun tutorial for making your own sidewalk chalk paint. It's a blast to play with but can be rather messy. Usually this is just accepted, but Beckie decided that there had to be an easier way that didn't mandate a load of laundry after every play time adventure. Her solution is one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments!

Beckie's recipe is similar to our own with one change that makes the mixture easy to flow from a squirt bottle. A little liquid dish soap helps keep things together and makes it perfect for a little spray graffiti action. The bottle will help keep them clean, although we can't promise the same for your driveway! Check out all the details on Beckie's blog Infarrantly Creative.

(Image: Infarrantly Creative. Via Dollar Store Crafts )

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