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After years of buying cat scratchers, I finally came up with a solution to turn an inexpensive cardboard scratcher into something that works for my cats as well as my decor.

The solution: build a frame! I always use the Trader Joe's brand scratchers, so I built a wooden frame to fit those specific ones. My cats love those scratchers but stop using them when they get soft, so they end up getting recycled and replaced throughout the year. I always disliked looking at the box they came in, so I finally decided to make them more pleasing. 

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I had all the materials lying around, so it was essentially free and only took about an hour to put together and varnish. The frame is really pretty easy to make, and because the scratchers are now heavier and sturdier than just the box alone, they stays in place when the cats are going at them. When the cardboard get soft, I just take the old pad out and slip the new one it. The end result was exactly what I was hoping for — the cats love it and so do I. 

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Get step by step instructions on how to build one yourself at Old House New Tricks.

(Images: alysha findley)

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