Make This: Hanging Fabric Cradle From Etsy

Make This: Hanging Fabric Cradle From Etsy

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 14, 2011

The internet is full of pretty pictures isn't it? This one made me stop in my tracks as I double plus love the idea of making this hanging cradle for a friend as I have several with recent additions to their family. Do you like the idea of a baby trapeze (joking)? Or does this set up seem a little too circus-y for you?

This cool hanging cradle is from Etsy seller lidija mik on Etsy who sells a downloadable PDF tutorial to show you how to make your own and give you all materials and dimensions you need to head to the craft and hardware store.

It seems rather straight forward and for the $9.95 download, if you make one for yourself and a few friends it seems worth the price.

(Image: Esty seller lidija mik)

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