How To: Fun & Funky Phone Toilet Paper Holder

Does this charming little DIY phone turned toilet paper dispenser look familiar? Well it should; we have seen it in Suki's Seattle house call, and it was also featured in her Small/Cool 2011 entry. We had quite a few readers requesting a tutorial on how Suki made this fun and quirky TP holder, so without further ado here it is laid out for you step by step...

Here are the steps:

  • Scour your favorite vintage spots for a good old-timey phone.
  • Remove all of the phone's guts completely to make it as light as possible.
  • Get rid of any knobs or feet on the bottom of the phone to make it flat and smooth. This may involve a little sanding.
  • Next, clean the surface of the phone and the wall you are going to adhere it to.
  • To attach the phone use double-sided adhesive foam tape or an epoxy for a more permanent hold. Just make sure it's secure and can hold up to 4lbs of weight.
  • Then attach some kind of ribbon or fastening mechanism around the neck of the phone to hold up your toilet paper roll. Suki used a garter belt that she bought in Tokyo. Make sure whatever you use can easily be opened and closed in order to change toilet paper rolls.
  • Lastly, go get your favorite toilet paper to put on your new cute dispenser!

P.S. Stay tuned for a full house tour of Suki's adorable abode coming soon.

Thanks Suki!

Images: Alysha Findley

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