Make Your Home Look, Feel & Function Better: This Week's Top Tech Tips

January 20 - 24, 2014

Can one small, simple tech tip drastically change your life? Maybe. We can at least promise that the top tech tips posted this week were incredibly practical, easy-to-implement and the sort of thing that's worth getting in the habit of in the new year. Want some ideas you can do today for immediate benefits? Here are three.

This reader-designed cord-controlling system might leave you simultaneously jealous, inspired and awe-struck by the simple ideas involved in hiding the cords from a wall-mounted TV.

Something I'm always meaning to do and totally forget. Will this year be different! Let's home. Finding lots of inspiration in the idea of a charging shelf station as seen in a hotel from one of our tech contributors. DIY ideas to steal: Top Ten DIY Charging Stations Revisted.

No more excuses! Today's the day (and actually, every day could be the day). This quick and easy computer cleaning trick from Joelle Alcaidinho only takes one measly minute and a few materials and you could have a crisp and clean computer to start your Monday off with.

(Image credits: Joelle Alcaidinho; Shutterstock)