Make Your Own Glockinspiel

Make Your Own Glockinspiel

Richard Popovic
Feb 8, 2012

I am a sucker for homemade instruments. I have had my eye on plans for a banjo made from a cookie tin and some scrap wood for some time now, once I find the perfect tin. In the meantime, I may tackle this glockinspiel project, which is made from stuff I am pretty sure I have kicking around my workshop.

If you have ever heard anyone drop a section of copper pipe you know its innate musicality. Instructables member arpruss took this fact to the next logical step and made a wonderful sounding glockinspiel using small sections of 1/2" copper pipe, as well as some scrap wood, some nails and a bunch of rubber bands.

The tricky part is getting the pipes cut to the proper length so they will emit the correct tone. Luckily there is an app for that, and he goes into great detail on how to get things just right so everything sounds perfect. The assembly is pretty straightforward, using an ingenious suspension system of rubber bands.

The educational aspects of this project are numerous, although I certainly would have to bone up on the mathematical side of music before I could teach it to anyone else. But the tutorial will tell you everything you ever needed to know for not only making the glockinspiel, but for explaining why it works.

See more (including a video of it in action): Instructables

(Images: Instructables member arpruss)

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