Make Your Own Heart Wall Lamp

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"Yooooou light up my liiiiiiife..." Yeah, there are probably better ways to express that sentiment in your home than an endless Debby Boone loop and Jeromina of Paper, Plate and Plane has found one in this clever, not to mention cheap, heart lamp. It's love.

Jeromina's timing is perfect for two reasons: Valentine's Day is on the way and red Christmas lights are on clearance - score! She made this wall lamp for less than $3 and her version doesn't require any special tools or skills (not that she doesn't have them because she does, in spades). Make a visit to her blog, Paper, Plate and Plane for photos and instructions. You really could use her idea and method for any shape or colored lights you want.

Thanks Jeromina!

(Image: Paper, Plate and Plane)

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