Make Your Own Joined Alphabet Banners

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One of our favorite crafters, Heather Mann, was inspired by this previous post about Banter Banners. She loved the look and like any good diy-er set out to make her own. She not only succeeded but has been so kind to share her tutorial and alphabet download with us!

Heather can be found over at Dollar Store Crafts and so following with a budgeted and low-cost theme, the price of this project is super low. If you happen to have cardstock or brads at home, well then it's 100% free. If not, a trip to the craft store should set you up for less than the price of a value meal. Brads can be found in all shapes and sizes these days, check out the cute star ones above!

It's suggested to make a master template out of heavier cardstock to ensure you'll always have a set on hand to use time and time again. These would be a great project to send in the mail to friends or relatives that live far away — it's a party in a package!

Download the full Alphabet Banner at Dollar Store Crafts

Thanks Heather!

(via: Dollar Store Crafts)
(Image: Heather Mann)

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