Make Your Own Kids' Garden

Mom and Her Drill

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Making things out of pallets is old hat on the internet, but this kids' garden is unique and fun. Especially because it owns up to its charming crookedness.

Katy of Mom and Her Drill built this critter-proof, kid-sized veggie garden out of old pallets. It's just the right size for little ones to tend on their own, and the protection it affords from pesky garden creatures means that the kids' gardening won't go to waste.

The garden was completed last year, and this year there's a whole new planting bed next to it, expanding the space for gardening.

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Katy is a mechanical engineer, but you don't need her degree or expertise to put this piece together. She shows you how in her posts, but happily admits that it's a freeform endeavor, without the need for levels or much measurement beyond eyeballing it. The slightly off-kilter, handmade look of it makes it that much more adorable as a kids' structure.

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(Images: Katy Slominksi, Mom and Her Drill)


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