Make Your Own Lite Brite Table

And Next Comes L

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Did you have a Lite Brite as a child? I did, and it was a favorite toy, although I did always get halfway through a project and think, "Why is this TAKING so long?" You can still get the original Lite Brites, but I love this idea to build an entire table of light pegs.

Dylan at And Next Comes L not only built this cover for a light table, she built the light table herself as well. She gives you all the instructions for making a light bright board, and if you need a light table, you can follow her instructions for that, too. Use pegboard if you want to make the project simpler. Or, if you want your holes closer together, you can go crazy like Dylan and her husband and drill 1430 holes. Twice. Read her tutorial to hear more about what she learned during the project.

(Image credits: Dyan Robson)

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