A DIY Mad Men Swag Light

A DIY Mad Men Swag Light

A few months back I submitted a Good Question to the Apartment Therapy community asking if you knew where to find a swag light similar to Don Draper's. The answer, it seems, is that half of you remember seeing one in your grandmother's house decades ago, the other half of you just threw one away, and the only two similar lights in the world were just snagged by Emily Henderson at an L.A. thrift store. Well, it's a few days before the season finale, and I'm finally done making my own.

First, let's recall what Don's totally cool light looks like:

And now mine:

I used orange and cream burlap (stiffened with Mod Podge), curtain rod finials ($11 at Lowes), a swag light kit, and 2 spider fitters. It took a while to complete, but I'm totally in love with it.

It's a little lighter and brighter, and it takes care of the dark corner in my past, er, my bedroom.

(Images: Katie Steuernagle)

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