Make Your Own Roman Shades

Make Your Own Roman Shades

Regina Yunghans
Aug 10, 2010

The mechanics of them are so simple that there's really nothing stopping all of us from selecting the perfect fabric and making our own roman shades. We've been eying these instructions from Martha Stewart for ours:

When my husband first suggested this idea, I latched right on. I'm no good at sewing unless it's in straight lines, which perfectly suits this project. We've been looking for something flat, simple and inexpensive to complement our extremely traditional home. These seem like they'll be perfect in a natural linen-like fabric.

Have any of you endeavored to make your own roman shades? How did it go? Any tips or tricks? We'll incorporate them and when we actually get started on making ours, we'll be sure to bring you an in-depth how-to. Until then, happy fabric shopping!

CHECK OUT THE HOW TO: Make Your Own Roman Shades | Martha Stewart

Images: Martha Stewart

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