Make Your Own Colorful T-Shirts

What to Do This Weekend

I'd love to be talking about all the outdoor projects to do with kids this weekend, or fun-in-the-sun activities for the whole family — but I have to face the fact that in all likelihood, we will be spending the majority of our time indoors, yet again. (Can you tell I'm ready for spring?) But what says warm weather better than snazzy tie dyed t-shirts? Here are five fun ideas for kids to try their hand at wearable design.

1. Freezer Paper Scribbled Initials Shirts from Aesthetic Nest

2. Bleach Pen T-Shirt from Homespun With Love

3. Initial Shirts from The Little Sewing Shop

4. Striped Tie Dye Shirt from ILoveToCreateBlog

5. Foam Stencil T-Shirts from Multiples and More

(Images: as credited above)

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