(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

"He" is one of the most iconic computers in all of history, the cinematic villain of a space odyssey gone awry. HAL 9000 has remained forever a symbol of all that we hope computers aspire to be, yet also the sum of our fears. And now he can be part of your own household...

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Above is about $84 in parts required to create the HAL 9000 replica. But before you get started, note the geek factor and DIY skills required to see this project through is a bit higher than the typical "craft" project, since this one comes with a warning from its creator, Phillip Burgess, as HAL 9000 requires not only the right components, but also the tools for "laser cutting, spray painting, inkjet printing, sanding, soldering (if adding the voice feature) as well as patience, well-stocked junk drawer, and a willingness to improvise."

In other words, this might be a DIY project where your finalized version doesn't look exactly the same as Phillip's exemplary version. For example, instead of laser-cut acrylic, one could improvise and work with hand cut/scored cardboard casing. Not many of us have access to a Xyron sticker machine, but an inkjet sticker making sheet could fill-in acceptably.

If you're still up for the challenge, Phillip lays out all the components required with step-by-step instructions, with the inclusion of a video showcasing the final product:

(Images: Phillip Burgess)