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Q: We are about to move from a charming pre-war apartment with red brick and 11-foot ceilings to a no-personality box, but significantly larger one. I am going insane trying to figure out how to make it look more personal, cozy and unique. I have three questions about that new apartment:

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1) The walls in the tiny bathroom are covered with tile in some absolutely horrendous pinkish-brownish-yellowish color. I doubt the landlord will allow me to repaint them and I don't have the budget to re-tile a rented apartment's bathroom. Any ideas on how to cover or makeover the wall tiles in the bathroom? Waterproof stickers? Waterproof temporary wallpaper?

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2) The window frames in the apartment are painted black. Any tricks on how to make them look like wooden frames or something else without repainting them?

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3) Do you know of any table which could fit a family of 4 and fit into this tiny kitchen? Any makeover ideas for the kitchen are also welcome.

Thank you so much in advance! I am a longtime reader and follower, and a fan of the Apartment Therapy book. I can't tell you how much I value the advice and how useful and inspirational your website had been to me!

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