Making Clothing Storage Space in Kids Rooms Without Closets

Making Clothing Storage Space in Kids Rooms Without Closets

Jackie Boucher
Mar 20, 2012

Sometimes even the most perfect rental will have its downside. Too small to have a proper room for a nursery. Not enough closet space. A kids room with no closets at all. Sometimes renters have to get really creative. We've rounded up some of our favorite ways to laugh in the face of a closet-less kids room.

1. Turn a ladder into a wardrobe
2. Turn a tree branch into a clothes rack
3. Create a storage wall with IKEA shoe bins
4. and 5. Our Small Space, No Closet post has 4 ideas which include finding an ornate armoire and refinishing it in a bold color or finding a stylish coat rack that we think would be fairly simple to customize for kid-sized things.

6. Turn a laundry drying rack into a clothes rack
7. Make your own closet
8. Use wall mounted garment racks
9. Create closet space with metal shelving and fabric cover
10. Turn an interesting cabinet into a wardrobe (click here for the original post with more before and after shots)

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