Making Clothing Storage Space in Kids Rooms Without Closets

Renters Solutions

Sometimes even the most perfect rental will have its downside. Too small to have a proper room for a nursery. Not enough closet space. A kids room with no closets at all. Sometimes renters have to get really creative. We've rounded up some of our favorite ways to laugh in the face of a closet-less kids room.

1. Turn a ladder into a wardrobe
2. Turn a tree branch into a clothes rack
3. Create a storage wall with IKEA shoe bins
4. and 5. Our Small Space, No Closet post has 4 ideas which include finding an ornate armoire and refinishing it in a bold color or finding a stylish coat rack that we think would be fairly simple to customize for kid-sized things.

6. Turn a laundry drying rack into a clothes rack
7. Make your own closet
8. Use wall mounted garment racks
9. Create closet space with metal shelving and fabric cover
10. Turn an interesting cabinet into a wardrobe (click here for the original post with more before and after shots)