I'm not a big makeup girl, but that might be the problem. Because I don't wear it often or in large quantities, I hang onto it forever and clutter up my medicine cabinet and linen closet for that one day when I might want to wear that plum eyeshadow and peacock blue eyeliner.

Well, I'm done with that, I want my space back. Oh also, makeup expires and then you really shouldn't put it on your face. There are some pretty clear guideline for when to replace makeup over on girlsgetgoing so that you don't put your face or your space in jeopardy. Real Simple also has some good guidelines for everything else that might be taking up too much space. So I've already replaced my mascara and thrown out all the ones I haven't used in 3 months (which is the rule of thumb for mascara). My medicine cabinet is already more functional and I can actually find what I'm looking for without digging through all that someday stuff.