Making Work More Fun:
Gifts for a Home Office

Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012

Whether its for someone who works from home or someone who just needs a little something special to make their work space feel friendly, consider a gift that will put a smile on the recipient's face and be useful in the workspace. 1. Mika H.J. Kim Paper Clip Holder ($25.00 from Alessi available on Amazon) 2. Lacquer Business Card Holder ($45.00 from Furbish) 3. Tibor Kalman Legal Paper Paperweight ($30.00 from MoMA) 4. Robert Indiana Love Replica Paperweight ($75.00 from Museumize) 5. Bulletin Pencil Cup ($32.00 from Anthropologie) 6. Staple-free Stapler ($10.00 from Fred Flare) 7. A Tempo Wire Wastebasket ($85.00 from Yoox) 8. Dachshund Letter Holder ($32.00 from Anthropologie)

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