Mambe Waterproof Blankets

Mambe Waterproof Blankets

Sarah Han
Sep 22, 2008

It's imperative to have a blanket when picnicking or lounging in the parks of San Francisco. Even on a hot day at Dolores Park, there have been times when the grass looked dry but our wet (and dirty) bottoms were proof of otherwise. Thankfully, Mambe knows our pain. Their waterproof blankets mean a picnic that even wet grass couldn't spoil.

Mambe's Weekender and Terra blankets are 4' by 5' and 5' by 7,' respectively. One side of the blanket is waterproof to prevent wet butt; the other side is made from soft fleece, perfect for a comfortable outdoor nap. Both Weekender and Terra blankets roll up to a compact size and have an included carrying straps. Although they come in a variety of colors and patterns, our one wish is that Mambe would come out with a line of more sophisticated patterns and neutral tones for their blankets.

• Weekender and Terra Blankets, $27.30-$89 at the Mambe Web site.

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