MamiTalks' Festive and Fun Corner Office

MamiTalks' Festive and Fun Corner Office

Gregory Han
Sep 2, 2011

Name: Dariela Cruz of MamiTalks
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Blogger Dariela of MamiTalks was kind enough to share her compact corner home office showcasing how to create a place to get work done without a lot of space taken up. And all on a budget too. Colourfully accessorized, simply organized (we like the dual trashcans, one for trash, other for recycling) and utilizing vertical space to maximize storage...

From the Caracas sourced wooden bookends to all the colours across her space complementing one another (even her blue desktop on her laptop matches the highlights of the trashcan and storage), this IKEA sourced corner home office is a work in progress, being tweaked by its graphic designer owner:

Next steps:
•Buy a nice table lamp (It's really dark in here!).
•Organize the cables, the idea is to get a tiny shelf and hang it underneath the desk to set up the power strip there. Also the cable from the printer needs to be connected and hidden!
•Buy/create and hang some art to my left.
•Get other containers to organize the shelves better.
•Get an outdoor closet to store all the other materials I still have in more boxes, this will go in the patio which is towards my front/right (where the light is coming from in the pic) .

We'd steer Dariela over to our affordable roundup of cable organizing solutions for her desk. And since she loves bright/fun colours, she'd probably love some of these accessories for the home office, like the Bluelounge Cablebox (IKEA also offers a similar, cheaper version). Her plans for another closet/shelf will help hide away bits of tech like the printer (a wi-fi enabled model would even be better), while we'd recommend she add a better ergonomic task chair to her list.

And we like Dariela's plans to add and/or make artwork to the walls; one of our favourite sources for great artwork on the cheap from a wide assortment of artists is 20x200, now even available at West Elm.

[Photos: Dariela/MamiTalks]

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