Manifold Clock: A Different Way to Tell the Time

Manifold Clock: A Different Way to Tell the Time

Nick Siemaska
Oct 31, 2011

The Manifold Clock is a completely new way to look at time. Designed by the Israeli industrial design team, Studio Ve, this wall-mounted clock is just as much as a sculptural art piece as it is a utility for telling time.

The Manifold Clock uses the structure that most wall mounted clock use - two hands that indicate minutes and hours. But with the Manifold, there is a a colourful manifold
of printed tyvek attached to these hour hands.

The result is a flowing piece of color that changes within each hour throughout the day. Reading this clock may need some getting used to, because rather than identifying the time with numbers, the Manifold Clock uses colors.

Check out this video to see just how the Manifold Clock works.

MORE INFO: Studio Ve

Via: Design Boom

Images: Studio Ve via Design Boom

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