We try to hide our mess by figuratively sweeping it under the rug. Plus, we literally hide across-the-room cords under rugs and carpets sometimes. So many things in our homes go "under the rug," so this makes a little sense: Speakers that seem hidden under a magic carpet!

With the Mantra speaker, a red felt matt [sic] connects the right and left speakers, which look as though they're peeking out from under the corners. In the process, it hides all those ugly behind-the-monitor wires that are necessary, but not cute to look at.

It doesn't even need to find it's home under a monitor, this speaker set looks just as good on its own as part of a wired-up credenza-top landing strip.

This design came in 95th out of 3481 in the designboom/Plantronics Sound Innovation contest, and the designer seems pretty pleased!

Via HomeTone