Mara's First Home of Her Own

House Call

Name: Mara
Location: Evanston, Illinois

I bought my condo in June 2014. I chose Evanston because I wanted to be close to the lake, close to Chicago, and love the character of the older brick buildings. This is my first non-college living space that I can decorate and experiment with completely on my own. I've done a lot of updates and made some changes from paint to decor and documented everything on my blog.

My style is a mix of mid-century modern and modern glam. Right now, I'm loving the gallery wall around my TV and the dining room (now that I finally replaced the light fixture). I also love my bedroom with dark teal walls. I believe a space is never really "done" and you can continue to update, decorate and design. Right now I'm working on the bathroom. I'm really proud of how each room has come together, especially after seeing where they started.

Thanks, Mara!

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(Image credits: Submitted by Mara; Submitted by Mara / Design Evolving)