20 Gorgeous Marble Kitchens

There's nothing quite like the beauty and elegance that marble brings to a kitchen. Of course marble in the kitchen is nothing new, but lately we've been seeing new and different ways to use marble, and marble showing up in more and more modern kitchens. Here are 20 of our favorite examples.

Above: you can still have the look of marble in your kitchen even if you don't want to deal with the maintenance of a marble countertop. This kitchen from Domino incorporates a marble shelf under the cabinets.

Marble in a modern kitchen from Hus & Hem via Riazzoli.

A marble countertop and backsplash with a single shelf, from Harriet Anstruther.

A marble backsplash paired with a stainless steel countertop — all the luxurious beauty of marble, with a lot less maintenance. To see more photos of this kitchen, click here.

An elegant kitchen by Raya Todorova.

The interaction between different materials — marble, subway tile, beadboard — takes this all-white kitchen to the next level. From Homelife.

Marble paired with subway tile and black fixtures in a Melbourne home designed by Hecker Guthrie (via Apartment 34).

A marble backsplash and counter in a kitchen from Smitten Studio.

The marble treatment here — the shelf, the exposed edge, the way the marble wraps the edge of the cabinets — is really nice. Spotted on Cote Maison.

From Cover via Plateful of Love.

Marble is a perfect choice for this minimal kitchen, spotted on Desire to Inspire. The way the marble countertop wraps the end of the island is a nice touch.

A lovely marble countertop in the kitchen of Valerie Aflalo. The shelf behind the sink is a nice detail.

The thick marble edge details and black range hood make this kitchen stand out. Spotted on Desire to Inspire.

Wood and marble is an especially nice combination. From Domino.

Marble countertops and a backsplash in an all-white kitchen from Est Magazinevia Luxxury Living.

From Rue Magazine via Decorpad.

From Hecker Guthrie.

Marble paired with blue cabinets, from Scandinaivan Deko.

A beautiful marble backsplash paired with what looks like a solid surface countertop in a kitchen from Martin Moore & Company.

Marble and light green are a lovely combination in this kitchen from Petra Bindel.

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