March is Smallest Coolest Month!

March is Smallest Coolest Month!

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 27, 2006

We're into the final week of submissions. Unfortunately, here in the East we have more than 60 entries and can't show all the submissions. While all have something to recommend them, we only have so much space and have to leave out those with poor picture taking as well as those that underwhelm by comparison to this year's very, very strong field. We apologize in advance if you are one of these submittees but you can be excited about gearing up your space for next year. We are also holding onto a number of entries that are over the 650 s/f requirement, as well as one from Hawaii to post later on.

So, those of you entrants that feel you might make it into the finals (top 10 - top 5 East and top 5 West) should get dusting and find a friend with a real nice camera if you don't have one already. We're even going to allow a video component, so if you want to film a short clip of you introducing us to your apartment, we'll post that as well.

We only have one question...Where is Marlon this year?

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