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Birmingham, AL
Inspiration for my palette:
My husband and I decided to be very traditional about our baby, and we did not find out the gender before hand. We wanted a room that would be gender neutral and also serene and peaceful. My sister and mother also offered to do a beautiful wall mural and cloud-like ceiling treatment, so we wanted to keep the rest of the colors light and netural so the room would not be too busy. What we did not know is how much our little bundle of joy would LOVE his light and calming piece of this world!
Colors used in my room:
Antique whites, cream, slate grey, pale blues, greens, and pinks, and metallics.
Tips for using color successfully:
At first, I always fall in love with key pieces. For this room, one piece was the bedding. It was the perfect gender neutral and also luxuriously soft. Then, my mother gave me the fabulous giraffe. From there, I chose soft colors that would complement and enhance the space without being too busy or predictable.
Heavenly Hideaway