Mark Chamberlain
Jill Slater
Oct 8, 2008


Mark Chamberlain, artist and house painter extraordinaire, was our second presenter at last week's meetup and boy does he have a way with color! Whereas Gideon prefers a uniform, but subtly shifting palette, Mark goes for high contrast....

Mark unabashedly promotes deep, dark, rich, colors, trying his best to debunk the myth that such colors don't belong in small apartments. He suggests using them for one wall and embracing the cozy atmosphere these colors can manifest.

In terms of quality, Mark loves the new low-VOC line by Benjamin Moore called Aura. He thinks there are plenty of paints in the mid-range that offer as good a quality as the higher priced paints but that it's best not to scrimp too much because if you do you will be sorry and will have wasted your time.

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